2.QD 鈣鈦礦量子點
QLED液晶電視,用QD取代彩色濾光片(Color Filter)層的LCD進階版,可擁有更棒的對比度、更寬廣的色域。

垂直供應鏈包含  食器之原紙買賣、生產與代工、中盤批發商導流、島內配送運輸橫向連結之水平供應鏈  配合設計師客製化訂單、飲料店相關包材開發設計及生產

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*Your cup. Your design. Our job.

Do you need a customized design but don’t know where to start?

We can help you design your cup. Simply send us the desired artwork in AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector format, and we are happy to adapt the artwork for you. We have professional designers who can do the layout for you and give you good ideas on how you can personalize your cup.

* Customized Print Plate.

We offer you customized printing at a reasonable price. We offer two types of printing solutions, namely Flexographic and Offset printing. Please contact us for more information.

* Why Customize?

When there are TOO MANY cafés in the neighborhood, which café will you choose? It is a relatively easy decision. Yes, what makes your coffee pop out and wins consumer’s hearts is not just the flavor, but also the paper cup itself. And that’s what customized cups do- it signatures the style, taste and tells everyone about your coffee and café.

*No more hesitation. DO IT NOW!!!

Your own customized cups can be romantic, wild, poetic, or anything you want it to be. And the process is super easy...


*How to Customize?


1. Download the blank template of our cups to begin your custom design.

2. Send us your company or brand logo, slogan, pattern, etc. in AI(Adobe Illustrator) vector format. Please remember to convert all text to outlines.

3. Depending on the cup size that you wish to customize, we will adapt the digitalprint proof accordingly.

4. Review and confirm by signing the digital print proof of your custom design.

5. After the digital print proof has been confirmed, we will manufacture yourcustomized print plate. This particular customized print plate is a one-time

    chargeable and non- refundable fee . This fee should be submitted along withthe initial deposit for your order.

6. A sample of the custom printed cup will be available by requestwithin 2 to 3 weeks after the purchase order has been placed.

7. The lead time for your unique branded paper cup is approximately 6 to 7 weeks!

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